Acute Kidney Injury: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments


Kidneys are core components of the body. Although a person can still live with just one kidney, it can be really difficult if you are experiencing kidney problems. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are suffering from various kinds of kidney diseases and illnesses. There are cases where a person may suffer from acute kidney injury. Just like how you can have physical injury, the same thing can happen to your kidneys. There are ways for you to avoid having this kind of injury. To do that, it helps to have basic understanding of this medication condition.

Functions of Kidneys

Kidneys perform crucial functions in the body. One of the main functions of kidneys is that they are responsible in removing and flushing out toxins and other wastes in the body. These wastes are harmful so they need to be excreted out of the body. The organ responsible for that process would be the kidneys. You can just imagine what happens to body waste and toxins if your kidneys are not functioning well. Kidneys also work to ensure that there is balanced water level in the body. They are also responsible when it comes to managing blood pressure. Kidneys make sure that there is balance of chemicals as they also regulate blood cells as well as acids.

What is Acute Kidney Injury?

Acute Kidney Injury Impacts

Having healthy kidneys is very essential. Since they perform core functions in the body, it is crucial for you to have healthy kidneys. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who suffer from kidney problems. One of which is known as the acute kidney injury. This medical condition is also known as acute renal failure. When you have an acute kidney injury, your kidneys suddenly stop functioning. This can be highly dangerous especially since kidneys perform essential functions in the body.

Kidneys are responsible in excreting waste products and other toxins out of the body. Second they are also responsible in balancing water and salt levels in your blood. When your kidneys fail to function well, it can result to life-threatening complications that can be really dangerous.

Causes of Acute Kidney Injury


Knowing the underlying causes the result of get kidney injury can be really useful. When you are mindful of the causes, you can find ways as to how can reduce your risk of having kidney injury. There are various causes that result to this condition. One of the very first things is that there is significant decrease in the blood flow to the kidneys. When there is huge blood loss or when a person incurs an injury, there is not enough fluid in the body which results of dehydration which can negatively affect the kidneys. Another me too cause of acute kidney injury is brought about by damage from taking medicines. For example those who are taking long term medications might be at risk of having acute kidney injury. For instance, if you are taking antibiotics, pain medicines, blood pressure medicine, you are at higher risk of having these injuries. Aside from these factors there are also other cases that might lead to acute kidney failure. Older people are more prone to having kidney problems. If you are experiencing long term health problem for instance if you have diabetes or any liver disease, this may also lead to kidney failure. In fact, obesity can also be one of the major causes.



In any disease or illness, it is very important that you are always aware of the signs and symptoms. When you know the symptoms of acute kidney injury, you can easily see for yourself if ever you are experiencing one. One of the symptoms that you can see is when there is no urine when you try to urinate or even if there is urine it is very little.

This is not a normal condition as such you have to be really careful.  When you look at you and legs and your feet, you will notice that they are swelling. You also do not have appetite for eating. There I cases where you feel like you are vomiting and most of the time you are anxious. However you should not rely entirely on these symptoms. Three cases wherein a person is already is but he doesn’t manifest signs and symptoms.

Diagnosing Acute Kidney Injury

Once you notice the signs and symptoms, you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor right away. Your doctor can help you and can conduct diagnostic test as to whether you have acute kidney injury. During your visitation, your doctor will ask you certain questions especially things pertaining to signs and symptoms and other things that you are currently experiencing. By telling your doctor the signs and symptoms that you see,  it is much easier to pinpoint the specific cause of the kidney problem. You may have to undergo blood and urine test to see if your kidneys are working well. You may also have to undergo an ultrasound to see the picture of your kidneys.

Treating Acute Kidney Failure

Once you are diagnosed, the doctor will have to look for the most suitable treatment and procedure. Depending on the root cause of your kidney failure, there are various medications and treatments available. People who are suffering from a kidney failure may have to undergo dialysis. This procedure or treatment makes use of a machine which acts as a kidney. Until such a time that the patient finally recovers and feel better, he will have to continue undergoing dialysis. Aside from this treatment, you may also be required to take certain medications. You will have to take antibiotics in order to stop and prevent infections.

Risk Factors

Kidney injury might be a result from a certain medication condition or a physical accident. If you incur major injuries, you may experiencing having kidney failure. This usually happens especially when the kidney is directly damaged. Aside from this condition, people who have diabetes are at higher risk of having acute kidney injury. When you have diabetes, you have high blood pressure. When this happens, you are at higher risk of developing liver and kidney diseases.


There are complications that might arise attributed to acute kidney failure. For one, this condition may result to fluid buildup in your lings. This can affect your breathing pattern. It may result to shortness in breath. Aside from that, you may also experience severe chest pain. This happens when the pericardium in the heart is inflamed. You will also notice that your muscles get too weak. People who are suffering from acute kidney injury may also experience problems balancing the blood’s chemistry. When this happens, your muscles end up weak. It gets more dangerous especially if your body has high levels of potassium.

There are also cases where an acute kidney injury can result to permanent kidney damage. Temporarily, this condition can result to dysfunctional kidneys. But there are cases where the patient might have to undergo kidney transplant since the kidney is thoroughly damaged. In worst case scenario, a person who is having an acute kidney failure might be positioned in a life threatening situation. With acute kidney failure, the person loses the functions of kidneys which can be really dangerous.

Prepare an Appointment with Your Doctor

Failing to see the signs and symptoms at its early stages can cause more harm and can further lead to complications. That is why it is important that you are aware of the signs and symptoms. In that way, you can assess yourself. If you notice these signs and symptoms, you should see your doctor right away.

Take Care of Your Kidneys

With the essential and core functions of your kidneys, it is important that you find the way to keep your kidneys healthy. Taking care of your kidneys can your risk of having kidney related problems.

Be physically fit and active.

For sure you have read thousands of articles in magazines and blogs and other materials there are many benefits that you can get in being physically feet and active. One of the main benefits is that you can have healthier kidneys. When you are physically active it reduces your blood pressure. It will then reduce your risk of having chronic kidney dishes plus it can give you good overall health.

Basically, this is one of the reasons why many health and fitness experts would continue to encourage and motivate people to have physically fit and active lifestyle. You do not have to undergo rigorous physical training just to be healthy.

Depending on your personal preferences, there are lots of physical activities and programs that you might want to try. All you have to do is to a lot some of your time to exercise everyday. When you are physically fit, not only do you make your kidneys healthy you can also reduce your risk of having other diseases and illnesses.

Monitor Blood Pressure

When a person has high blood pressure, there is a big chance that it might lead to heart attack. But few people would know that it is also one of the most common causes of kidney damage. Annoying my blood pressure than that its only 120/20. If it is way too high or too low, you have to be really careful. A person who has high blood pressure is more likely to experience getting kidney damage.

Control Your Blood Sugar

Most people would think the only people who have diabetes should control their sugar level. To have her here to me it is very important that you have control of your blood sugar level. Recent studies and actual observations what should people who have diabetes are more likely to experience having kidney damage. I said she’s very important that you regularly monitor and control your blood sugar level.

Eat Healthy

Which did you eat can also affect your kidneys. In fact people who take too much salt are at higher risk of developing kidney problems. To make sure that you eat healthy and you control the food that you eat, as much as possible you should stay away from eating oily and foods that contain too much sugar and salt. Instead of going for processed food products, you might as well go for nutritional meals that can give the body with the much needed vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

Smoking and drinking are detrimental to the health. When you smoke and drink alcohol, you are at higher risk of having not just kidney related problems but even liver diseases. Why spend money on things that can negatively affect your health. You might as well redirect your attention or your focus on other things that can add more years to your life. Of course, it is never easy to stop smoking especially if you have gotten used to it. But there are definitely ways for you to stop or avoid smoking.