What is Chronic Kidney Disease ?

Chronic Kidney Disease: Stage 1 to 4 Explanation

Every year, there are many individuals who experience having kidney related problems. There are different types of kidney diseases. If you are experiencing this problem for several times a year, you are experience chronic kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease is also known as the chronic kidney failure where a person will lose the function of kidneys. They are essential components of the body. They are responsible in removing toxins and other wastes in the body.

This occurs when there are abnormalities and sustained damage in the kidneys. There are different various stages of chronic kidney disease.

Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease

chronic kidney disease stages

Stage 1: For the first stage, there is kidney damage with normal or higher glomerular filtration rate. A person who is diagnosed to have stage 1 chronic diseases will undergo diagnosis and treatment and address risk reduction for cardiovascular diseases.

Stage 2: For this stage, there is kidney damage with low GFR. For the action plan, progression is to be estimated.

Stage 3: The next stage exhibits a moderately lower GFR where your doctor will do the necessary evaluation and treat the complications.

Stage 4: A person who is suffering from stage chronic kidney disease will exhibit a huge decrease in GFR. As such, the patient has to prepare for renal replacement therapy.

Stage 5: The last stage is where the person experiences kidney failure. In this stage, you will have to undergo replacement therapy. You will either undergo dialysis or transplantation. Learn How to Stop Further Kidney Failure

Chronic Kidney Disease Symptoms

chronic kidney disease symptoms

Compared to complicated kind of kidney disease, chronic kidney disease has milder symptoms. Once you see the signs and symptoms, you should contact your doctor right away. What is the common symptom is that you have lost your appetite and you feel like vomiting. You can also experience having sleep problems. When it comes to your urinating pattern you can observe significant changes. Those who are suffering from chronic kidney disease also experience chest pain and shortness of breath. You would also have high blood pressure which can be really difficult to control.

These are the common signs and symptoms that you can eventually see if you are suffering from kidney disease. However there are cases were in the symptoms will not manifest right away. In this case, you have to be really observant so that once you notice the signs and symptoms you can schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease

There are various causes that lead to kidney disease. In fact certain conditions and diseases can commonly cause this problem. People who have diabetes are at greater risk of having chronic kidney disease. This is basically one of the reasons why you should cut down sugar intake and avoid eating foods that contain too much sugar and salt.

Another cause would be high blood pressure and heart diseases. An individual who has suffered from a heart attack or any other heart disease is more likely to have chronic kidney disease. Aside from this illness, obesity it’s also considered as one of the risk factors. If any of your family members has kidney disease then it is also one risk factor.


chronic kidney disease diagnosis

In diagnosing chronic kidney disease, you will have to undergo clinical procedures. This is important to see the serum creatinine level.

Patients who are suffering from chronic kidney disease may have underlying diseases. There are various tests that are to be conducted to see if you have kidney disease.

For one, you may have to undergo blood test. Another test is the urine test. This is essential to see if there are abnormalities in your kidneys. Other tests and procedures would include imaging tests where the doctor might use ultrasound.

Medication and Treatment

chronic kidney disease medication

The type of treatment as well as the other drugs that you have to use will depend on the underlying cause. That is why it is important to have the right diagnosis. Targeting the causes can increase the effectiveness of any treatment. The doctor can recommend you different treatments that can control and lessen signs and symptoms

It can also slow down the disease. Kidney disease may give way to different complications. For instance, a person may have higher blood pressure. In which case, you will have to take the necessary high blood pressure medications.

Aside from high blood pressure medications, you will have to take medications to lower your cholesterol level. There are patients who would experience having high cholesterol level. People with chronic kidney disease are prone to having high cholesterol level and without addressing this problem, it can further  result to other complications.

Your doctor may also have to recommend you certain medications for anemia. Depending on other complications, there are also medications to protect your bones, relieve swelling and a whole lot more.

Have a Healthy Kidney

Kidney problems can be really dangerous and stressful.  With the medications and the treatments to do you have to use and undergo through, it helps that you prevent it from happening. There are actually different ways for you to take care of your kidneys. For one, you should have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. There are various factors that can cause or trigger kidney disease. If you are unhealthy, you are prone to different kinds of diseases and illnesses which can result to chronic kidney disease. Take time to exercise and to engage in any physical activity. There are various programs and things that you can try.

In addition to having a healthy lifestyle, you should also watch out for your diet. Avoid foods that contain too much salt and foods that have a lot of sugar. Instead go for foods that contain vitamins and minerals. You should also avoid cigarette smoking and drinking. Too much drinking of alcohol can also result to kidney disease.

10 Facts about Chronic Kidney Disease

Most people do not know much about chronic kidney disease.  Nevertheless, if you are between the ages of nineteen (19) to over sixty (60) this health information is for you.  On this page, you will learn the facts about chronic kidney disease. Here are some realities you should now:

chronic kidney disease facts

  1. Research finds that chronic kidney disease happens to about 200,000 people a day nationwide.
  2. Who is in jeopardy of having chronic kidney disease?
  • Anyone who has a generational history for kidney disease.
  • Anyone who has a history of diabetes is at risk for kidney disease.
  • Anyone who has high blood pressure is at risk for kidney disease.

Additionally, if you are an American Indian you are part of the endangered risk groups, or an African American you are a part of the endangered risk group, Hispanics, Senior citizens, and Pacific Islanders are part of the endangered risk group.

  1. Symptoms do not accompany this disease and you will feel fine.Chronic kidney disease people usually find out they have it through a routine check up and blood test. Here are the tests that can make the health determination regarding you having chronic kidney disease.
  • If you want to know the possibility of having the disease ask your doctor for the following tests to determine chronic disease.Get a urine albumin, get a blood pressure check, and get a serum creatinine.  However, receiving a Glomerular filtration rate test will be the best alternative for detection.
  1. Can affect your body for many years and chronic kidney disease can also be permanent.However early, detection of the uncomfortable chronic kidney disease can be detected early and prevent deep infection.
  2. Deep into the kidney disease infection, it may definitely be necessary to receive dialysis treatment.Dialysis is your blood vessels receiving a filtered out with a blood-cleansing machine.
  3. Kidney transplants are possible, and could be an alternative to chronic kidney disease.
  4. Medications are also available to manage the deeper stages of the kidney failure disease.
  5. Most people that have chronic kidney disease do not die from it.Instead, they pass away due to heart disease.
  6. If you have high blood pressure it could be caused by chronic kidney disease, get it checked out.
  7. Additionally, diabetes can cause you to receive kidney disease.Sugar is not good for us and ruins our eyesight, kidneys, and organs.  You might want to stop your heavy intake of sugar.
  8. Anyone with chronic kidney disease must consult with and see a kidney specialist to get better.Standard medical doctors are not enough.

If your good relationship with concentration, eating and sleeping has diminished, it may be a symptom of chronic kidney disease.

Be aware of your body, how it feels when you are well, so that you will know the difference when your body is not at its best.  Getting check-ups can prolong your high standard of healthy living.

Get a chronic kidney disease check-up and stay healthy!